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“Exceeded Expectations!”

-Carl F., Virginia Beach

Time-Saving Wet Brush & Roller Covers.

We've all been there: lunchtime, kids crying, phone calls... whatever your break might be, Paint Poncho gives you the freedom to stop and protect your painting tools and keep them fresh for when you return. Never worry about cleaning brushes and rollers when you need to take a break again!


Paint Brush Saver

— Real Simple Magazine

Save Paint.


Keeps the paint fresh on your brush or roller. No more wasting paint when you need a break.

Save Water.


Less cleaning equals less water usage. Helps save our most precious natural resource.

Save Time.


Take a break without the worry of clean up time. Takes about 5 seconds to protect your tools.


 vs. Single Use Plastic Options


Paint Poncho’s durable construction and innovative design features give you the option to reuse during the same project or clean and save for the next.

For ultra convenience, simply dispose after each use.

When using oil based paints or stains, it's recommended to simply dispose after each use.


For Current Project

Simply press out air & tighten lock


For Future Project

Simply rinse & air dry



Protect Your Paint Rollers

Featured in January 2019 Issue

“Need to take a break from your painting? This plastic protector fits over your brush or roller and keeps it wet for up to one week.”

brush on plastic paint

Featured in March 2019 Issue

“With a Paint Poncho, your paintbrush can stay fresh and reusable without cleaning between painting sessions. I know because I recently used one with the same brush and color for three straight weeks at my house with no bristle drying at all.”

ExtremeHowTo April19.jpg

Featured in April 2019 Issue

“Never again worry about cleaning brushes and rollers when you need to take a break.”

APC April19.jpg

Featured in April 2019 Issue

Paint Poncho offers an innovative solution to the problem of dried-out brushes or rollers when you need a break from spreading paint. ”


Featured in May 2019 Hot Products Issue

“Time-Saving Brush and Roller Covers.”


Featured in May 2019 Issue

“An elastic pull cord and spring lock allow the covers to be secured around a variety of painting tools