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Sarah Troop, Wife & Mother...& DIYer

I never thought I would need a paint poncho...until I tried it. They helped make my painting project a breeze. When I had to go pick up my kids from school, I used them to protect my brush and roller until I was ready to resume painting.



Great Project Helper

Marc Jimenez, JWS Exteriors

What a simple solution for protecting our tools on the job! Most of our jobs are more than a day of work and require lunch breaks for the crew...paint poncho helps us save time by not needing to clean all our tools on breaks and we even use them to protect tools overnight.

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Sean Williams, Williams Paint Systems

This is an amazing product! I've been in the painting business all my life, and this is one of those handy items I didn't even know I needed. I heard about it from a friend, so I thought I'd try it out. It's like a sandwich bag for your painting tools. It keeps the paint fresh, so I don't need to clean my tools if I need a break. Now I bring paint poncho to all my jobs!